Our Story

John Wicker & Brendan

What we do

We are a local creative specialist team that makes inspiring quality Australian metal creations. 

We make products and presents for someone who is hard to shop for or has it all.

We work collaboratively to ask the right questions to create a personal experience by crafting an exciting high quality unique metal product that brings joy.

From Humble Beginnings...

We started as Father and Daughter team back in August, 2011...

 John Wicker had a strong history as a welder/boiler maker and was looking to expand his skills...

So he enlisted the help of his creative daughter,Katherine Wicker to do some designing.

The business soon flourished with Katherine's unique designs and John's knowledge of metal and durability.

Soon the whole family was involved!

John then built a special magnetized table so that his son,David Wicker , who has Down Syndrome, could help with the brushing of steel.

We now have grown so much that our team has expanded to included local South Aussies beyond just our immediate family...

We have sent products in every state of Australia and multiple countries abroad including New Zealand, England, Canada and America.

We look forward to working with you soon and helping you to...

 Create your Dream!

Katherine Wicker
David Wicker
Helen Wicker
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